BUILDing your Dream Home w/ Brian Hurd, Ep. 9

May 26, 2020 James Duncan, Raul Espinosa, & Brian Hurd Season 1 Episode 9
BUILDing your Dream Home w/ Brian Hurd, Ep. 9
Show Notes

Ever thought of building a custom home or thought it was out of reach?  It's probably more feasible than you think.  In this interview, we sat down with Brian Hurd, VP of National Builders Division for Thrive Mortgage.  Brian knows the construction side of the industry better than most and James and Raul spent some time talking about what every consumer should know when it comes to building their dream home from the ground up.

Many consumers think the construction process is overly complicated for them
Download and listen in to learn:

  • How to set expectations for your project,
  • Negotiation tips in working with a builder,
  • How to save thousands on your project budget,
  • What professionals can do to make the process more efficient for you,
  • And much, much more...

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